Hímes Folk Dance Club


The group danced together on the occasion of a vintage in September 1996 at first. This was the time when the conclusion came to establish a folk dance club in Balmazújváros which was received with pleasure also by the local cultural organizations.

Sefkovics Attila folk dance instructor was asked to be our artistical leader. Our purpose is to know and preserve the Hungarian and the Centre-East-European peasant traditions completely and to show it on the stage to the audience.

The central field of the Club is the folk dance but besides it other artistical branches come into prominence emphatically, so as the folk song, the folk music, national costume nad the folk custom closely connecting with the folk dance.

Besides teaching and performing the dancing forms of expression, the group is also set on making the elements of traditional mother tongue of dancers to be the part of our era's dancing culture by improving abilitics of improvisation, so that this outstanding heritage of the Hungarian nation could exist not only on the stages of theatres.

Folk dance instructors:

1996. - 1999. Attila Sefkovics

1999. - 2001.    Gyula Juhász

2001. -          Lajos Jeremiás.



Address: 4/a Debreceni u., Balmazújváros 4060
Mobile: +36 (20) 230 - 5113
E-mail: himes@freemail.hu